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Start Planning your Financial Future

Insurance Planning Process

Our financial planning service will:
  • discuss your current and long-term planning priorities, goals and objectives
  • determine your current financial position, and assist where needed
  • review your asset allocation and investment holdings for relevance
  • identify sources of current and retirement income so you will continue to have a balanced budget
  • develop an income tax strategy to save taxes now and later
  • prepare retirement projections using an appropriate time frame
  • add value by simplifying your portfolio and making it easier to understand
  • compare the types of investments available to you (Exchange Traded Funds, Segregated Funds, and HNW (High Net Worth) portfolios
  • let you know how your portfolio is doing and what we are doing about it, at regular meetings.
Our professional relationship is an ongoing one, with scheduled reviews to monitor the plan’s progress. We will agree upon time frames needed for your regular reviews as needed—annually, semi-annually, or more frequently. You agree that you will set up these appointments and follow up with me as per our needed timing to implement your financial plan and keep it up to date. We can review as often as needed and at least as frequently as we have agreed to meet. Since I am your financial “coach,” nothing actually happens until you begin implementing the ideas upon which we agree. My company may compensate me with incentives from time to time, including goodwill items and similar small tokens of their appreciation. (Contrary to popular belief, they do not pay for travel expenses.) Any bonuses paid to me by Lise Allin Insurance Agencies Inc. are based upon how well our firm does with respect to building wealth for you. As you can see, our goals are aligned. In addition, you should be aware that some companies may extend an indirect benefit in some cases, e.g. an educational seminar, conference or award, or may give us promotional items from time to time. At all times, feel free to discuss any aspects of our planning together. I don’t charge you any direct billing fees but rather I am paid on commission and by referral fee. I will do my utmost to use neutral data (e.g. Morningstar™, Fidelity Portfolio Pro™, KYP (Know Your Product) processes) to analyse the segregated funds, GICs and all other insurance and financial products for you so that I am able to recommend the best possible products or Portfolio Managers that are available to you.
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“When I got retirement jitters, LOL, I felt so blessed to have you on our team.  After our meetings I feel so much better.  You are awesome!

– Mark and Brenda –