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Families and people on their own often have incredibly busy lives and tight budgets.
They are often tempted to put off their financial planning until other more seemingly pressing goals have been accomplished, such as raising children, paying off a mortgage, student loans or other debt, or attaining a promotion or a business plan.

In fact, though, many individuals who work with their financial advisors throughout this very busy time of life have found not only that they can develop a great financial plan concurrently with accomplishing these other goals, but that an effective financial plan enhances these projects as well.

Families and single people with or without children are usually interested in creating the most efficient and effective budgets that both spouses (if applicable) are happy with; creating at least a start to their retirement programs; making an effective plan for their children’s college, trade school, or university; and funding enrichment programs.

These clients are often trying to save for or pay off a home and/or investment properties and fund vehicles and other large purchases.

These clients also would like to enjoy life now, and plan funds for important family and relationship events such as travel, high quality vacations, hobbies and—very importantly—a budget for proper nutrition and exercise programs

Finally, these clients are very motivated to ensure that they are saving as much income tax as possible. These tax dollars saved can create funds for investing, debt reduction, and play.

Our financial plans for these family and single clients incorporate a very interesting, easy-to-use, and simple system of partitioning money for short term goals (1-3 years), medium term goals (5-10 years), and longer term goals (university, retirement, and estate planning goals).

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