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How to get rich (part 1)

Lise Allin helps people plan their money and resources for the life and goals they want, short, medium and long term.

She helps people build and preserve their wealth, as well as help them plan how to best protect and provide for their loved ones.

Tea with Li Show, Host: Li Koo

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7 Ducks in a Row

These videos are designed to help provide useful information for people who are interested in financial planning at any knowledge level. It address 7 questions that everyone should ask when thinking about their financial future.

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Got Change?

Back to Articles Got Change? Jonathan Clements | Feb 25, 2023 “I MESSED UP MY retirement planning—but I have few regrets. I don’t know if or when I’ll fully retire. Arguably, I’ve been at least semi-retired for the past nine years. That’s how long I’ve gone without a fulltime job. On the other hand, during those

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Why Buy Life Insurance?

Back to Articles Why Buy Life Insurance? by Neil Denison There is a need for life insurance to cover the risk of premature death at every phase of one’s life. Purchasing life insurance for a newborn child makes good sense for the new parents. This coverage will protect them against the cost of funeral and

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Chasing Last Year’s Returns

Back to Articles Chasing Last Year’s Returns by Edward A. Maclean, M.B.A., C.E.T., C.M.C. It is interesting when a client comes in with a chart of some fund or, more recently, bond fund that has performed well over the past year or two and asks why he or she wasn’t advised to invest in that

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What Is Your Personal Strategy?

Back to Articles What Is Your Personal Strategy? by Rob Arnoth, B.A. (Economics) A staple in the business community, Michael Porter’s article, ‘What Is Strategy’ can be applied equally to our personal lives. Creating a dramatic shift in business thinking, Porter’s famous article has helped many companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage by reconsidering their system

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