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About Us

About Us

Lise Allin Insurance and Estate Planning Services has served our clients’ financial planning needs for over 35 years. Our life-licensed professional advisors are able to create financial plans, solve financial challenges, transfer pensions, and broker life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and many types of corporate and family insurance products.

Through Lise Allin and her staff, we can also provide financial solutions that create specialized named beneficiaries for estate planning and business insurance needs. As well, investment solutions like segregated funds, guaranteed investments and annuities can be added to the prudent client’s portfolio.

Our financial advisors and life agents are well educated in analyzing the amount as well as the type of policy you may need, including term insurance, mortgage protection, whole life, 20-payment plans and universal life. They also can help you set targets for wealth creation, to prepare for retirement, repackage your debt, and balance your budget.

Lise Allin, a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant, is an educational leader in the field of life insurance needs and solutions. Edward Crago, Andrew Maclean, Lisa Dwyer, and Bernie Tenbult, with Lise are uniquely capable of providing understandable and useful life insurance solutions to the estate planning side of your financial program as well as helping you plan for retirement.  They are supported by our knowledgeable and competent client service specialists, Laurie Ann Kidd and Leslie Allin, and our data management coordinator, Rolf Busch.

Lise Allin Insurance and Estate Planning Services has offices in Belleville and Guelph, Ontario, and serves clients remotely across Ontario and Canada.

By informing people about what is available and working with them towards their estate planning and retirement goals, we provide an environment that supports our clients to tell us what they want. We also help them shop through excellent investments and insurance solutions available.

A complete financial plan is an integral part of our services. This includes net-worth, cash-flow, and investment analyses, as well as an insurance review (called a “capital needs analysis”) which is the pivotal beginning of buying an essential piece of insurance property.

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“I love the way you keep everything legal and help everyone understand any agreements and stay on the same page. I like the way you always need to follow the regulations to a tee.  Thanks Lise, you are a genius ya know!”

– Shelly W. –