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Our comprehensive capital needs analysis will show you how much and what kind of life insurance you need. It takes the mystery out of the process and then tailors the insurance needed to your budget.

Can we help? Yes, we can. There isn't an insurance problem out there that doesn't have a solution. And with many years of insurance experience, our CLUs and licensed agents are willing to share these solutions with you.

By. Reviewing your current situation, your financial and insurance history and estate planning goals we are able to develop a complete insurance and estate plan for you, your family and your business or professional practice.

Areas addressed include:
Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Disability Insurance Segregated Funds Annuities Retirement Planning Estate Planning Succession Planning Protection for First and Second Spouses and Families... And Beyond
We're here for life! Our youngest clients are babies. Their parents and grandparents have begun their planning with insurance property as well as RESPs.

We work with people throughout their whole life, into retirement and beyond. In fact, we're still here, hard at work even after you're gone. We'll be there helping your family and businesses --- as well as your Estate Administrators manage the work of claiming on your policies. This helps make certain that your survivors, loved ones and beneficiaries are taken care of according to your plan.

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